We have some very exciting new...

Firstly is the release of "AT ALL ENDS", our newest studio album on LOAD Records. This album compiles a set of songs which we devoloped over the course of our US tour in the Fall of 2006, as wells as some improvisational work. This album is the culmination of months of work with home recording genius Emil Amos (Grails, Thee Holy Son), and also features the work of Daniel Voss and Drucifer (Leviathan, Xasthur, Lurker of Chalice) on Engineering and Mastering duties respectively. The artwork is courtesy of Jamie Potter (one third of Bonus), and thanks to Weird Forest it will be recreated lovingly as a gatefold LP.

In honor of the release of our 3rd studio album, we are heading out on a whirlwind one month tour of the USA. Go to the SHOWS page for dates. Most of the tour will be with our brothers in volume MOUTHUS.

Speaking of... we have TWO(!) collaboration LPs featuring us and Mouthus coming out in time for tour (hopefully). Both were recorded on our jaunt through the South Eastern US last Fall, one culled from our nightly end of show "jam", and the other from a brief recording session in Chapel Hill. The live record is courtesy of NO-FI in the UK and the studio recording is being made available through Weird Forest.

We should have all these releases available at our shows, as well as...

- Burning Star Core Collaboration LP on Blossoming Noise

- Gerritt, Axolotl, and Yellow Swans LP on Root Strata. This is a reissue of the old CDR originally released on JYRK.

- Cassette of recent recordings on John Wiese' new label Tape Room

- T-shirts with designs by Nick Seizurepalace and Boston Pete

And while yr saying "Hi" at the merch table, keep an eye out for some other cool related releases including Sarin Smoke LPs, Cexfucx cdrs, and some other odds and ends.

Can't wait to see you all at our shows - many thanks in advance!








Yellow Swans have returned from our month and a half sojourn across Europe. We had an amazing start with the Free Noise Tour in England, followed in short order by the brilliant Sonic Protest Festival in France, and things ended quite brilliantly with the fantastic Venn Festival in Bristol. In between were several weeks of good food, seeing old friends, awesome squats, great music, and some seriously good times. Thanks to everyone we met - we can't wait to see you again.

We're currently back in Portland, and getting down to business and pleasure. We have a few shows in town this Summer, and thankfully at least 2 of them are All Ages. Sincerest apologies to the kids for all the bar shows, but it is harder than you'd think sometimes to put on an All Ages show in this town.

In addition to Yellow Swans, both of us are going to be busy with some other projects in the next few months. MAGGOTED - the duo with Pete and Robert Mayson from the Gray Daturas - may be doing a few shows in the North West, as well as releasing some drunk-drone on wax later this year. GMS meanwhile will be super busy with CEX FUCX - a Portland based Free-Funk 8(+)piece freakshow - playing shows, recording an album, and touring the West Coast in the Fall.

Summer should be fun... and Fall should bring some very exciting news...


Until then...










Hello again,

We are back in Portland and doing well. Tour went great. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us along the way (especially the amazing Regina Greene!). We were very lucky to have the brilliant Grouper join us for a stretch, aswell as our East Coast brothers in Mouthus who went totally Conan every night with us. Expect some documentation soon...

We are back in Portland and in the process of putting together our next studio album for the fine patriots at LOAD. Several of the songs for this album got worked out on tour, and we're very excited about the evolution of our sounds that have occurred since Pyschic Secession. We anticipate the record being finished in the Spring of 2007 and released shortly thereafter.

In the mean time we will have a few odds and ends surfacing in the coming months including...

Split 7" with Robedoor on Arbor

Split 7" with Goslings as part of the Bored Fortress Singles Club on Not Not Fun

Split 7" with Warmth on DNT Records

... An awesome collaboration LP with Burning Star Core coming from Blossoming Noise. It features a recent live performance with Mike Shiflet and Spencer Yeh, aswell as the long out of print "Yeh Yellow Swans" 3" cdr that came out on JYRK...

... and finally, an EP made of ambient and psyched out jams from recent times, to be released on CD by Acruela and on LP by Three Lobed.

This latter release is in anticipation of an upcoming return to Europe. Things are still in the works so we don't have exact dates yet (Aprli/May), but most of it should be ironed out very soon. Updates to come...



Hello everyone.

After finishing our year of international travel we thought we ought to take a little break. Of course, with us that means writing new songs, releasing a live record, a collection of rare cassette sides, and a handful of collaborations, all the while preparing for our longest US tour yet.

Trust us we're taking it easy.

After releasing our second Studio album, "Psychic Secession", on the great LOAD Records , we thought it would only be right to travel out and see some of the country. Please check here for dates.

In addition to the aforementioned disc, we will have a rediculous cache of vinyl, cds, and other odds and ends. With our fingers crossed, here is preview...

Doubled Yellow Swans - "Global Clone" - CD - PacRec
Dove Yellow Swans - "Live During War Crimes Vol. 2" - CD - Release The Bats
Yellows Swans & Birchville Cat Motel - CD - Important Records
Yellow Swans / Devillock - 7" - Modern Radio
Yellow Swans & Moth Drakula - "They Do Not Always Remember" - CDep - Oedipus Records / Obsolete Vernacular
Yellow Swans & Grey Daturas - "Silver/Copper" - 2xLP - Olde English Spelling Bee

and last but not least, the double LP version of "Psychic Secession" with an additional track featuring Leif Sundstrom of GOD.... thanks to the generosity of Weird Forest

There will probably be a few solo odds and ends, as well as some other related musical offerings.

Add to that T-shirts designed by Justin Meyers (Tonefilth) and Liz Harris (Grouper), Posters by Seri-Pop, and we have more merch than gear now...

Hopefully the new jams we've been working on all summer, and the insane folks we'll be playing with, will collectively entice you to come out and say hi...

Can't wait to see you!